We all start our software engineering journey by fixing bugs or developing new features for an existing codebase. Developing features is fun but it is scary to watch someone’s code go wrong. Going through a new codebase is like trying to comprehend the mindset of all the contributors! Moreover, it is not always that you find someone to hold your hand and show you the correct direction. This struggle ends up taking a toll on our mental health and feeling helpless.

It has been a year since I am working as a full-time Software Engineer. …

Resultant image from Week II

After so many trials and errors, I was able to get the above segmented row from the ROI (Region of Image) as I desired from the last week. As the aim of this week, “Vertical Segmentation of the extracted Row” suggests to do the similar segmentation again, so I thought this week will go easy. However, I had to be more careful with my code this week as I was segmenting each row into columns, thus separating each character from another.

Getting ROI (Region of Image) of the scan seems to be a molehill now in comparison to what I had to undergo this week forth. As I was progressing with this project the tasks at hand seemed more complicated and tough. However at the end of this week , nothing gave me more happiness except for the “Wow!”, eye-popping results staring back in my grinning face.

This week required a lot of research. There are many ways to segment the scan horizontally, however deciding which method will fit well giving accurate results was a challenging task. It took me almost…

Braille scan

The first day of the project began with searching for a Braille scan on which I test my application . I managed to get one with the help of google.

Project: Braille OCR Using Python

Reading is one way to get information but for those who are blind, it would be a difficult task to read regular letters. Hence, letters are specially designed for them known as Braille letters. A Braille letter is represented by six positions of dots which are organized in a rectangular manner of three rows and two columns.

Rest assured it caters to the reading issues faced by blind population, however to able to read braille one needs to learn it. One needs to understand and memorize the dots and combinations that form a letter. …

MUSoC, Manipal University Summer of Code. That definitely rings a bell with me, immediately reminding of Google Summer of Code (Gsoc). Lately, I got to know about Gsoc from my seniors at Manipal Institue of Technology, Manipal. I found myself really interested in the competition as I searched through google pages about this international annual program.

MUSoC is a program that follows a similar format to the Google Summer of Code (Gsoc) and so is an excellent opportunity that will definitely give me experience for applying to Gsoc or any Summer of Code in the future. …

Yashika Badaya

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